In each of our journeys, we return home with a camera roll full of pictures and our phone's memory reaching its limits. In an era where it seems that tangible souvenirs have been overshadowed by digital memories, there's something truly special about an object you can hold in your hand—a keepsake bought from a lively local market or carefully created during a workshop.


It's the magnet on your fridge that, every time you reach for a snack, takes you back to those unforgettable moments. It's the elegant necklace hanging around your neck on special occasions, ready to answer the common question, "Where did you get this beautiful piece?"—a testimony to your journey to a distant paradise.


And let's not forget the decorative item that has found its place in your home, blending with your interior design and bringing the essence of adventure, culture, and cherished memories to every corner.


While your trip to Tunisia is reaching its final days, don’t be content with the digital memories or fooled by its fleeting nature. There are many tangible souvenirs you can buy from Tunisia to keep your experience close and make your trip genuinely unforgettable. WildyNess team compiled a list of souvenirs from Tunisia for you to immortalize your trip. 


Best Foodie Souvenirs from Tunisia



Any traveler can name a favorite dish from a new destination in a heartbeat. We can relate to the sparkle in your eyes and the movement of the eyebrows when you are asked about your favorite meal in Tunisia. 


While it will be very hard to bring all the memories and flavors home, we're here to guide you on the best foodie souvenirs you can find in Tunisia. Every item guarantees a surefire way to cherish those memories and captures the essence of Tunisian cuisine. Each of them can also make for fantastic gifts for your food-loving friends and family.


1. Harissa: 


No wonder, we are listing harissa as the first option, this famous condiment that was handed from one generation to another to make it finally in the UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. 


harissa tunisia


This fiery red chili paste, made from a blend of hot peppers, garlic, and an array of aromatic spices, is a quintessential ingredient in Tunisian cuisine. We recommend grabbing a jar of authentic Tunisian harissa, aka “harissa arbi”, before leaving Tunisia. It can also serve as a perfect gift for those who appreciate a bit of heat in their dishes.


You can easily find it in the supermarkets or one of the online marketplaces. 


2. Spices: 



Every cooking lover should consider spices as one of the must-have things in Tunisia. There is an array of exquisite spices that you can purchase to try it home.  Hot pepper, cumin, coriander, and caraway seeds are just a few of the spices you can find in local markets. 


spices tunisia


If you find yourself in Nabeul, we highly recommend getting “Harissa Mayo”, a combination of dried pepper seeds done in a very local way and can be used in basically every recipe. Check Seniatna, a local and ethical brand offering a myriad of local products, if you’re interested in buying spices and other food items. 


Aromatic spices can elevate your home-cooked meals and transport you back to Tunisia with every bite.


3. Couscous: 


Tunisian couscous is not just a staple; it's a symbol of togetherness and celebration. A bag of Tunisian couscous is an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of North African tradition to their cooking repertoire.


couscous tunisia


As there are many types of couscous, you have an opportunity to turn your kitchen time into an interesting experience of experimentation. 


4. Olive Oil: 


Do you know ​​that in Tunisia there are about 1.8 million hectares of olive groves with 82 million trees? This naturally comes with it being renowned for its high-quality olive oil. With a wide variety of flavors to choose from, selecting a bottle of Tunisian olive oil is like bringing liquid gold home. 


olive oil tunisia


You can easily find a great olive oil bottle in the supermarkets or online marketplaces. Whether for cooking or drizzling over salads, this olive oil is a must-have for any kitchen.


5. Tunisian Cookbook: 


As you cannot deport a whole country in your house, at least this is what we know, you can opt for getting the essence of the Tunisian cuisine captured throughout the pages of a cookbook.  


For those who want to dive deeper into the flavors of Tunisia, a Tunisian cookbook is a treasure trove of culinary secrets. It's the ideal gift for anyone seeking to recreate the magic of Tunisian dishes in their own kitchen.


cookbook tunisia


The Tunisia Cookbook or Discovering Tunisian Cuisine Cookbook are two great options you can choose from. 



6. Dried Peppers and Tomatoes: 


If you have ever been in the Cap Bon region, you know by now how passionate and loyal Tunisians are to the dried peppers and tomatoes. Tunisia is well-known for its sun-drenched peppers and dried tomatoes.


dried peppers and tomatoes from tunisia


There are fantastic addition to your pantry. Starting from mere scrambled eggs to a sophisticated chakchouka, they add a burst of flavor to various dishes and can be used to make your own Tunisian-inspired dishes wherever you are.


7. Dried Figs: 


Another dried fruit making it to the list for its delicious taste and also health benefits. In the sunny Tunisia, figs have a special succulent taste, which is both delicious and nutritious. These sweet and chewy treats are a perfect souvenir to bring home. 


dired figs tunisia


Dried figs make for a delightful and healthy snack, and they can be used in various recipes, such as salads, desserts, and even as a sweet addition to your cheese platter. They're a taste of Tunisia you can enjoy long after your journey.


If you don’t know how to use them in recipes, drown them in olive oil in a well-sealed bottle and get one each day. 


8. Flower Waters: 



Tunisian cuisine is not only known for its bold spices and fiery harissa but also for the delicate and aromatic flower waters that infuse a touch of magic into many dishes and beverages. These flower waters are a unique and cherished part of our culinary heritage, and can be used for medicinal purposes to alleviate headache, nausea and skin irritations. 



Orange bllossom water (fleur d'oranger), rose water (eau de rose), and pelargonium water (eau de pelargonium) are the golden trio. They are usually used to impart a delightful floral note and a subtle sweetness, enhancing the overall flavor of various sweets and beverages.


They are also cherished for their soothing and calming properties, making it a wonderful addition to aromatherapy routines. When selecting flower waters as souvenirs, consider their culinary and therapeutic potential, and savor the essence of Tunisia in your cooking and self-care routines.


Whether you're creating a decadent dessert or seeking a moment of tranquility, these flower waters will add a touch of Tunisia's aromatic charm to your life. 


Please, make sure you have virgin ones distilled by professionals or those certified bottles where the skincare use is mentioned. 



Best Decor & Collectibles to Buy in Tunisia 



The rich artisanal traditions and cultural diversity are very blatant in the medinas (old cities) and the souks (local markets). The array of decor and collectibles displayed there are incredibly irresistible. Whether you’re looking for that one decorative piece to add to your decor or a useful item with a deep-rooted cultural significance, you have a lot of options to choose your souvenir from. 



1. Ceramics & Pottery


Tunisia is dotted with many places and regions where ceramics and pottery has flourished to build a solid reputation about the craftsmanship of the country. Nabeul, Sejnan and Ain Drahem are usually the region mentioned whenever ceramics and pottery are brought to the discussion. Each region has its own crafts and techniques, catering for everyone’s taste and preference. 


pottery tunisia


Tunisian ceramics are a true embodiment of artistry. Examples of souvenirs you can buy include hand-painted tiles with intricate geometric patterns, vibrant plates adorned with floral motifs, and elegant vases that showcase the country's deep historical ties to the Mediterranean and North African regions.


pottery sejnane as souvenir

credit: Nasreddine Sakouhi & Sejnania


Traditional Tunisian pottery, characterized by its distinctive shapes and glazing techniques, includes striking vases, ornate decor items, and decorative dishes. These pieces are both functional and captivating centerpieces in any room.


sejnane pottery decor souvenir tunisia

credit: Nasreddine Sakouhi & Sejnania



If you’re into minimalist and modern style, Sejnane pottery is characterized by its primitive yet captivating designs, often featuring distinctive motifs and symbols. You can find unique pieces like clay vessels, cups, and decorative sculptures authentically representing Tunisia's rural artistic heritage.



3. Rugs (Margoum): 


Tunisian Margoum rugs are handwoven treasures adorned with intricate Amazigh motifs. They come in various sizes and colors, making them perfect for both wall decoration and floor covering, infusing your space with the soul of Tunisia.


As these rugs are handwoven and handmade, prices are usually high- but for all the right reasons. In la Medina, you can find a huge array of rugs, including distinctive living room rugs with geometric design and vivid colors, as well as smaller ones like area or bedroom rugs.


rugs decor souvenir from tunisia


While it may be a bit expensive, these rugs are worth every penny as they are sustainable, durable and unique. 


For more of a positive impact on local and rural communities, we highly recommend purchasing your rug from a local association or brand that supports and empowers rural women. 



4. Handmade Chess Set: 


Hand-carved Tunisian chess sets made from locally sourced wood are not only challenging games but also artistic marvels. These sets often feature unique Tunisian design elements, adding strategy and aesthetics to your decor.


chess set from tunisia decor souvenir


5. Olive Wood Utensils:


Olive wood utensils, crafted from Tunisia's abundant olive groves, encompass items such as spoons, cutting boards, and salad servers. The beautiful grain and warm color of olive wood lend a natural and rustic charm to your kitchen.


olive wood utensils kitchen souvenir from tunisia


You can easily find these utensils in the local markets. In case no one informs you, it's advisable to soak the item in vegetable oil overnight before using them.



6. Jewelry Box: 


Jewelry boxes serve as both storage and decorative pieces. They may feature geometric designs or depictions of Tunisia's architectural landmarks, showcasing the country's woodworking and design talent.


jewellery box tunisia


Best Souvenirs to Wear 



When it comes to choosing the perfect souvenirs from Tunisia to wear and showcase your appreciation for this culturally rich country, you'll find a treasure trove of items that seamlessly blend history, tradition, and craftsmanship


1. Scarves: 


Scarves make for a great souvenir to memorize your trip in Tunisia. They are lightweight, versatile and traditionally handwoven and adorned with intricate patterns. When it’s handmade and handwoven, a scarf is not a mere piece of fabric. It can be very emblematic of the Mediterranean country’s artisanal traditions.


scarves tunisia souvenirs


There are some scarves that are made out of wool, cotton or silk. Wear them as shawls, head wraps, or beach cover-ups, and you'll be carrying a piece of Tunisia's textile history with you.


2. Hat (Md’halla): 


The "mdhalla" is a traditional Tunisian hat with a unique conical shape and colorful embroidery. These hats have been worn for centuries, and they are an embodiment of local craftsmanship. Wearing a "mdhalla" not only adds a distinctive touch to your outfit but also pays homage to the skillful artisans who craft these iconic headpieces. While Gabes is known for its hats and the quality of their fibers, you can find these hats anywhere in Tunisia, especially in the old Medinas. 


tunisian hats souvenir fashion


There are also a few options where you can find stylish hats with modern touch, in case you don’t want to go very authentic and local. These can be found in concept stores in Tunis or other cities, like Sousse, Djerba and Tozeur. 


3. Leather Goods: 


Like many Mediterranean countries (type Morocco and Türkiye), Tunisia has a rich tradition of leatherworking. In Tunisia, the prices are way cheaper than elsewhere, which makes it a perfect destination for leather lovers. Ranging from wallets and belts to jackets and bags, you can find stylish and durable items to add to your closet. 


leather good tunisia


The leather is meticulously tanned and dyed, and the designs often feature intricate hand-tooled patterns, showcasing the artisan's expertise in this time-honored craft and the cultural properties of this craftsmanship in the Northern African country. 



4. Handmade Shoes:


Tunisian handmade shoes, or "babouches," are a unique blend of comfort and style.  These shoes come in various designs, from colorful embroidered slippers to more modern leather footwear. A quick look into any storefront gives you an idea of the craftsmanship and creativity of local artisans. 


shoes tunisia wearable souvenirs


In La Medina of Tunis, you can find one of the oldest artisans who is not only a great craftsman but also an incredible teacher who hosts leather workshops in his small and cozy store. 




5. Traditional Dress (Djebba): 


The "djebba", a traditional Tunisian dress often made of cotton or silk, is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. The intricate embroidery and rich colors of the djebba reflect the country's diverse cultural influences. Wearing a djebba not only connects you to Tunisia's heritage but also showcases the artistry behind each hand-stitched design.


jebba tunisian


You can choose from the wide array of djebbas showcased in the souks, local markets, or go fancier by checking the special creations of local brands. 


6. Silver Jewelry: 


Jewelry stores in La Medina of Tunis make sure every piece is a work of art in itself. Crafted by skillful silversmiths, these pieces are adorned with intricate patterns and motifs inspired by Tunisian culture. The jewelry reflects the country's heritage, with influences from Amazigh, Arab, and Andalusian traditions


sliver jewellery wearable souvenir


Whether it's a necklace, bag, bracelet, or a pair of earrings, you can easily find a stunning item that awes you. These items are our favorite souvenirs from Tunisia as they are beautiful, sustainable and light-weighing. 


If you need another reason to buy a silver jewelry item, know that, comparing to other country, silver is low cost in Tunisia.




Best Souvenirs for Skincare & Haircare


For skincare and haircare enthusiasts willing to add some gems to their daily routine, Tunisia offers a myriad of unique products with top-notch quality. Beyond their natural composition and tested efficiencies, these are time-tested remedies deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of this captivating African country.


Shop your souvenir now and don’t be worried in case you fall in love with them! There are many Tunisian brands that offer international shipping, such as Herbeos, Floraison, Karina, and Asmin Cosmetics. 




1. Fig Seed Oil: 


Fig seed oil, known in its French name as "huile de pépins de figue de Barbarie," is a precious elixir extracted from the seeds of the prickly pear cactus. Renowned for its anti-aging properties and high vitamin E content, this oil is a potent skincare ingredient. It deeply hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. This is more than a souvenir, we are sure you will be addicted to it thanks to the natural glow it gives to your face. 



2. Nettle Macerate or Oil: 


Nettle, a common plant in Tunisia, has been used for centuries in skincare and haircare. Nettle macerate or oil is known for its nourishing and revitalizing effects on the skin and hair. It’s a potent solution for dandruff and hair loss, making it an excellent choice for those looking to promote healthy, radiant skin and strengthen their hair.


Nettle Macerate


3. Natural Arabic Bath Sponge:


The traditional Arabic bath sponge, known under the name of  "leefa" in the Middle East and “kesa” in Tunisia, is an integral part of the hygiene routine of Tunisians. This is a special souvenir, as it’s a bit funny for the first timers to use a sponge during their shower. But, you will thank us later for the deep cleansing and exfoliating it gives to your body skin, leaving it soft and invigorated. 


natural sponge


Buying “kesa” as a souvenir enables you duplicating the rejuvenating cultural ritual of the hammam. 


4. Henna: 


Henna, known locally as "hina," is an ancient and versatile plant used for body art, hair coloring, and natural conditioning.  Besides being used for traditional tattoos, henna is a perfect natural hair dyes, giving your hair a unique reddish color. 


henna tunisian


Also renowned for strengthening hair and reduce hair loss, henna can be easily found in local markets, aka souks. 



5. Damask Rose Floral Water: 


Damask rose floral water, or "eau de rose," is a fragrant distillation of Damask roses and is renowned for its skin-soothing properties. It is often used as a gentle toner or refreshing facial mist. The delicate aroma and natural purity of this rose water make it a prized skincare product.


Make sure to get the one certified for skincare as a souvenir, or you will end up using it for pastries and sweets. 


6. Other Essential Oils (for aromatherapy): 


Tunisia is also a source of various essential oils, such as lavender, eucalyptus, and lemon. These oils are excellent for aromatherapy and offer a variety of therapeutic benefits. They can be used to create calming atmospheres or invigorating scents to enhance your overall well-being.


essential oils tunisia

Credit: Herbeos


Essential oils are sold in souks, pharmacies and beauty stores. 



Other Souvenirs 



While exploring the vibrant markets and boutiques of Tunisia, you'll come across a delightful array of unique souvenirs that are usually the go-to ones for tourists and first-timers. And, they are cherished for a reason. In fact, these items encapsulate the spirit of Tunisia in distinctive ways and make for wonderful mementos of your journey.


1. Postcards, Magnets & Mugs: 



For those seeking easily transportable souvenirs, postcards, magnets, and mugs are a perfect choice. Postcards adorned with scenic landscapes and cultural landmarks provide a visual journey through Tunisia's beauty. To upscale your choice, you can buy your postcards from Koshk Glibett as it features unique designs. 


traditional souvenirs from tunisia


Magnets featuring the Tunisian flag, intricate patterns or depictions of historic sites add a touch of local charm to your refrigerator. Mugs are also another go-for souvenir.  There are various vibrant designs or Arabic calligraphy for a daily reminder of your Tunisian adventure with every sip of your favorite beverage.



2. Fouta, aka Beach Rug: 


The Fouta towel is a versatile and iconic Tunisian textile. Light, absorbent, and quick-drying, the Fouta is perfect for the beach or as a stylish bath towel. It features colorful stripes and fringes, adding a touch of Tunisian coastal culture to your seaside outings. Its practicality and aesthetic appeal make it a superb souvenir for beach lovers. 


fouta beach rug


Usually, foutas are less than 20 usd.


3. Bukhoor: 


Bukhoor, or Arabic incense, plays a significant role in Tunisian cultural rituals. It is often used to perfume homes and clothing. Selecting a fragrant blend of Bukhoor, often presented in beautifully decorated boxes, allows you to bring the traditional scent of Tunisia back with you. Enjoy its soothing aroma as it lingers in your living space, creating a connection to the country's welcoming ambiance.


bukhoor tunisia


4. Perfume: 


Tunisia is renowned for its fragrant heritage, and you can find an array of local perfumes that reflect this aromatic tradition. Scents infused with notes of jasmine, orange blossom, and rose capture the essence of the country's floral bounty. By choosing Tunisian perfume, you'll carry a piece of Tunisia's olfactory charm wherever you go.


perfume tunisia


In case you want to upscale your perfume, you may want to join a perfume making workshop to double the memories your souvenir carries. 



Bring Tunisia Home with these Souvenirs


In each keepsake, whether it's a beautifully woven rug, an aromatic spice blend, or a piece of handcrafted jewelry, lies a piece of Tunisia's history, traditions, and vibrant character. As you select the perfect memento, remember that it's not just a physical object but a connection to the rich tapestry of Tunisian life, a reminder of your journeys, and a gateway to a world of flavors, scents, and experiences.


Remember to always watch for locally made or artisanal products to maximize your social impact and make sure your purchase is directly benefiting local communities, preserving traditional craftsmanship, and creating sustainable livelihoods.